Volg je ons al?


Shooting the best automotive content is in your blood. You have an eye for shooting photos from the right angle and finding the nicest details. You are full of creative ideas to make your content stand out even more and you have the drive to keep pushing yourself to new limits. Not just creating the images but distributing them will be one of your jobs during the day. Hereby you can translate the ideas from our clients to visual images with the right story, which are still in line with their strategy and benchmarks.

The Job


  • Imagine and produce photo content for multiple companies in the automotive industry.
  • Creating content for online media while you secure the client’s brand style and quality.
  • Editing photos from yourself or your colleagues so that they can be used in all the different social media platforms.
  • Being up to date with all the developments on social media and implementing these in the content strategy of our clients. 
  • Work efficiently and structured while you can still get the full potential out of your creative mind.

You as a photographer…

  • Love what you do!
  • Have experience on the job and an extensive automotive photography portfolio. 
  • Can get the maximum potential out of your gear and are up to date with all the latest developments in equipment and social media.
  • Can take responsibility and have a problem solving way-of-thinking.
  • Have the potential to keep developing your skills and push your own limits.
  • Can work independent and within a creative team.
  • Are in possession of driver’s license B.

What can you expect from us?

  • A working environment between young creatives who all have the same goal: to create the coolest content. In addition, ”learning with and from each other!” is paramount.
  • A place to grow in your skills and personal development.
  • A competitive salary – €2200 – €2600, your enumeration will be dependent on your skills and experience. 
  • Compensation of travel expenses